Dinosaurs information:
The Dinosauricon One of the best informative sites on the web. Under re-construction
DinoData A dinosaur database stuffed with information
Dinosaur Mailing List The DML, a mailing list, with dinosaurs as main topic
Dinosauria On-Line A site that features translation guides and articles
The Official Dinoland Website A huge website, with updated dinosaur news

Specific dinosaur groups:
Pachycephalosauria A website specializing on the pachycephalosaurs

Exhibition sites:
Nakasato vil. Dinosaur Kingdom A virtual museum, with excellent specimens
AMNH Specimen Catalog American Museum of Natural History's excellent collection of various dinosaur specimens
MOR Paleontology section Museum Of the Rockies, with a specimen collection, with very good photographs
Dinosaur Gallery A gallery of museum photographs by Donald Nute.

Artwork sites:
Prehistorics Illustrated A site presenting Dinosaur Artwork, and Artists
Dino Hunter Tracy L. Ford's homepage, featuring up-to-date skeletal reconstruction, and a huge reference list


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